The Firm

Project Vellir is part of Epsilon Advisory Partners. Epsilon has advised clients operating at the intersection of technology, government, enterprise and society for nine years since it launched in 2013. In 2015, Epsilon's founding partners also established CyLon, Europe’s leading early stage investment platform and community for startups in security and resilience.


Project Vellir’s mission is to improve understanding of web3/crypto technology; build web3 solutions, including to problems related to governance, coordination, ownership, participation and community; and support companies and governments with the rapid transition to web3.

We do this through a web3 community that combines public insight, a policy programme, partnerships via an advisory practice and in house studio, and a web3 native investment platform.

The Project

We took inspiration from Þingvellir (the "Assembly Fields") in Iceland, site of the longest running Parliament in the world. In the early 10th century, it was a meeting place for clans to hold discussions and legal sessions, and subsequently became the site of the Icelandic Parliament, now located in Reykjavik. The site was chosen because it was accessible for all clans. And while we still have the same fundamental participation, community decision-making and governance needs to address, there are no longer the same constraints on geography, physical representation and time between consulting citizens.

We believe that web3 tools will be the Þingvellirs of the future – creating new accessible gathering places, and transforming how participatory systems, policy processes and institutions work. We think this heralds a broader democratisation, extending to financial inclusion, community participation and a new ownership economy that will align value creation with value capture.

The Team

Our senior team has experience at the highest levels of government and business.

Jonno Evans has over a decade of experience in the public and private sector as an economist and policy expert. He worked at 10 Downing Street for two Prime Ministers as Private Secretary for Europe and Trade, and in the Diplomatic Service, working across Europe, the US and the Middle East and Africa, where he focussed on international economic policy. He was awarded an OBE for services to foreign policy in 2021. He holds a masters degree from Cambridge University.

Grace Cassy co-founded Epsilon Advisory Partners in 2013, providing advice to the leadership of fast-growing technology companies on GTM, partnerships, and policy. Grace also co-founded CyLon, Europe’s leading early stage investment platform and community for startups in security and resilience.  CyLon's portfolio companies are collectively valued at over $1bn, and Grace is the UK's third most active female angel investor.  She has been a TEDx speaker on balancing privacy concerns with the potential social impact of Big Data. Prior to this, she spent 10 years in the UK Diplomatic Service. Between 2004-06, she was a foreign policy adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair in 10 Downing Street specialising in Asia, EU and national security. She has lived and worked in London, Islamabad and Brussels.

Jonathan Luff is the co-founder of Epsilon Advisory Partners, and CyLon, advising and investing in outstanding technology companies since 2013. From 1998-2012 he served in the British Diplomatic Service, and as an advisor to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street, specialising in national security issues, technology and innovation.


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