Project Vellir is a European web3 community. A group of thinkers, founders, developers, policy makers and investors.

The Vellir community gathers the most insightful conversations, the most useful connections and the highest quality expertise all in one place. The community is based around four elements.

  • Insight – we write about the most interesting companies, issues and trends in web3, and the implications for public policy.
  • Policy – we help policy makers understand blockchain technology and help companies navigate web3 policy and politics.
  • Portfolio – we support startups as advisors and investors.
  • Investment – we are democratising access to investing through our web3 native investment platform.

Our community members and wider network play an important role through contributing and participating in all these areas.

The intention is for our community to become a DAO. We will be launching a discord and native web3 space soon to facilitate further community development and discussion.

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