We invest in web3 companies, developers, networks, tokens and protocols that align with our thesis and support the movement towards ownership, participation and community.

There are currently two parts to our investment community: Vellir Scouts and the Vellir Syndicate.

Vellir Scouts

Community members can act as scouts by putting forward deals for consideration. We reward members with £1500 for recommending a deal that Vellir invests in.

If you think we should invest in a particular startup, tell us using the link below!

Vellir Syndicate

We enable our community to invest with us via our syndicate, democratising access to the most exciting startups in web3 and beyond.

All you have to do is sign up to our free community! We'll send you information about potential investment opportunities via email when we think there is deal that could be of interest. When we circulate this information, we'll include details about allocation, structure and fees as they differ for each deal.