Project Vellir works with startups, corporates and governments to understand the power of web3 and the implications for companies, global markets, public policy and geopolitics, as well as to build the next generation of tools, protocols, tokens and companies.

We have a consultancy practice and a studio function for companies we advise or invest in.

  • We explain what web3/crypto and blockchain technology is, how it works and where the industry is going.
  • We help companies and governments to think through how web3 will affect industries, markets and policy outcomes, as well as the risks and opportunities.
  • We help partners design, build and execute web3 strategies – including in relation to governance and DAOs, community building, tokenomics, security and privacy, DeFi, social tokens or NFT projects.
  • We build web3 projects, incubate products, test solutions and grow communities with our in house studio.
  • We help founders with growth, product, go to market, navigating regulatory challenges, strategy, comms, key hires or fundraising.

We deliver this by providing direct support to portfolio companies and by facilitating input from our community.

This is a focussed partnership, which means we only work with startups that align with our values and we believe could have a meaningful impact.

If you'd like to partner with us and join our community as a portfolio company, please tell us a bit about you and your company using the link below.