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Vellir #14 → The 20 hour crypto challenge

Part one of Project Vellir's 20 hour crypto challenge... The summer reading list for the crypto curious!
Vellir #14 → The 20 hour crypto challenge

You’ve probably heard of Malcolm Gladwell’s rule, popularised in his book ‘Outliers’, that it takes 10,000 hours of intense practice to master a complex skill like playing a musical instrument or professional sport.

We have a version of this for blockchain.

Thankfully, i’m not going to suggest that you all need to give up over a year of your lives to learn about blockchain technology… But the logic – which we’ve shamelessly stolen from one of Project Vellir’s early supporters (thanks SM) – that after a certain amount of time learning about the subject, most people think that there is something to it.

In Johnsonian spirit, and marking his resignation from office, i’m going to put a finger in the air and say it’s about 20 hours.

Let’s assume i’m right. Where would you start on this journey and what might you need to know?

In the next couple of weeks, we’re going to provide links to a set of materials that add up to 20 hours. Think of it as your summer reading list, just for crypto.

Over the 20 hours, we’re going to cover all of the major components in the ecosystem, which we’ve set out in our Crypto Map below, as well as some wider issues like crypto and climate change.

And (spoiler alert), the final hour of our 20 hour challenge will be a set of slides that summarise all of the issues in the map. We hope it will be a useful book end to the process.

But for today…

Hour one: Invest like the best with Chris Dixon

An hour long podcast hosted by Patrick O'Shaughnessy in 2021 called invest like the best, with a16z (a well known US venture capital fund) partner Chris Dixon. We’re starting with this as it provides a helpful history of the internet and a good overview of the emerging use cases. It was recorded last year before the latest crash, but the core tenants that Chris discusses have held up.

You can also read the transcript if you’d prefer.

Please do let us know if there are materials that you think we should add to our list. And do sign up to the community to get the latest from Project Vellir!