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Vellir #18 → The 20 hour crypto challenge: Part V

Part five of Project Vellir's 20 hour crypto challenge... The summer reading list for the crypto curious!
Vellir #18 → The 20 hour crypto challenge: Part V

Last week we covered identity, DeFi, disinformation and how to get started with crypto. This week, in the fifth part of our crypto challenge, we’re going deeper down the rabbithole.

Let’s get to it…

Hour sixteen

A thought experiment… Are blockchains like businesses or nations?

Nick Hotz from Arca takes us through it in a thought provoking article from earlier this year. (Skip the first few paras down to the main article).

“That’s Our Two Satoshis” — Are Blockchains Businesses Or Nations?
For some, it’s easy to compare blockchains to traditional businesses; for others, framing blockchains as nations makes more sense. Both have merit in explaining the emerging world of Web 3.0.

Hour seventeen

The metaverse has become a loaded term, not least since Facebook’s rebranding to Meta last year. Matthew Ball is the pre-eminent expert on all things metaverse, including how this broad space links to crypto. This conversation with Patrick O'Shaughnessy is well worth your time, and if you're really keen, you could pick up his very recent book.

Hour eighteen

Another broad interview, this time with Yat Siu, Chairman of Animoca Brands. Animoca’s heritage is in gaming, but has become well known for its broader investment strategy in the space. Yat Siu offers an interesting intellectual case for blockchain technology, and introduces the term ‘universal basic equity’, which we will be returning to in a future Vellir post. Well worth a watch.

Culture - An Asset Class Revolution | Real Vision
Yat Siu, co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands, is a true visionary in the intersection of the metaverse and NFTs. His clarity of thought and ability to communicate what this all means for humanity, culture, and business is second to none. Strap yourselves in as he opens up his thinking to Raoul…

We hope you found this set of materials interesting and thought provoking. Next week we’ll be providing the summary slides which we hope will be a useful bookend to the process.

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